vers: the rap game

vers is a card game that provides players with the pieces to become a full-fledged freestyling wordmaster. for a fall 2016 studio project at scout, i worked closely with claire, gabi and olivia to conceptualize an art direction for the game, resulting in a full suite of cards, instructions, and packaging.

the art direction was driven by a series of personification exercises – we worked with the creator of the game, jerried walker, to establish the audience, the ideal advocate, and wrote a creative brief to set goals for the semester. 

this was an incredibly fun, wacky project – it was important that we, as designers, didn't take ourselves too seriously. the game is all about removing any pre-conceived notions you may have had about rap culture, your ability to rap, or the kind of person you must be to rap – and breaking it down to the basics – your grandma could play it, too.