Adela Locsin

Serial side project-starter, carbohydrate enthusiast, perpetual list-maker, novice coder, former dancer and New Hampshire resident, occasional photographer, wannabe polymath, lifelong Boston Red Sox fan.

I am constantly inspired by the ways that design can impact the way that we live and interact with one another, and thinking about our responsibility as designers to implement solutions at different scales.

On my mind lately: the reclaiming and redefining of Philippine vernacular, how we can begin to formalize informal settlements, finding ways to democratize good urban design, and how wild it is that this website actually works.


Curatorial + Production Intern @ Storefront for Art and Architecture

M. Arch I @ Columbia GSAPP


Bachelor of Science, Architecture Studies @ Northeastern University CAMD

Architecture Co-op @ Safdie Architects

Designer, Events Director @ Scout

Design Co-op @ TPG Architecture

Side Projects (Realized + Unrealized)

A collective named Desk Space, a food zine named Listahan, an Instagram called @loxandlocsin, a series of zines centered around dinner.


Matt, Cam, Camille, Signe, Luis, Anoushaé

Elsewhere, Twitter, E-mail. A PDF with some accomplishments on it is available upon request.