smartable is an organization that aims to guide high school and college students in establishing their future paths in an easy, enjoyable way. In the middle east and north african (MENA) region, smartable bridges a visible gap in career guidance and resources – and although this information is readily available to some, it is often only offered via one-on-one meetings or long-form print materials and websites. 

in the spring of 2016, scout worked with smartable to further develop the features of their webapp, focusing primarily on smartable's core feature, the smart CV. we also helped smartable gain more insight into their users with the help of empathy mapping, user stories, and high-fidelity mockups for components of their app. The onboarding process and the creation of the dashboard were integral to the functionality of smartable, as the dashboard acts as a launch pad to resources, assessments, and career advice available within the platform. 

this was my first foray into UX/UI, and was an incredibly rich learning experience. all work on smartable was done in collaboration with carly, brandon, and drew.

typical user journey, prior to our redesign

we started out by auditing and mapping the current state of the smartable site, and found several things that could be improved upon in terms of their onboarding process and flow through the webapp. we were initially brought on to focus on the smart CV, which is smartable's main product, but found that extensive work was also needed to bring users onto the platform in order to fill out the CV.

our redesign resulted in expanding user paths through the webapp

with the diversification of user paths, we had to ensure that there were multiple ways for the user to loop around within the webapp without any dead ends. this lead to us designing several portions of the app to ensure continuity and uniformity throughout.

a guided tour around the interface was necessary in order to inform the user of the wealth of information and resources available to them.